DON DAILEY 
                                                                                                        SAG-AFTRA # 10155153

​                                                                                                 Email: ddtalent@aol.com

​                                                      PH:  808-395-1703                                                                             Ht:  5'9"   Wgt:  155lbs
​                                                              401-709-4496                                                                            Waist: 34 / Inseam: 30
                                                                                                                                                              Jacket: 39/40R  Shoe: 9   Hat:  7 1/2                                                                                      
                     BATTLESHIP                                                     "Old Salt" (featured / credited)                       Universal / Peter Berg 
                     MIKE AND DAVE NEED WEDDING DATES         Grandpa Joe (featured supporting)                  20th Century Fox / Jake Syzmanski
                     THE DESCENDANTS                                         Pool Guest                                                  Fox Searchlight Pictures / Alexander Payne
                     YOU MAY NOT KISS THE BRIDE                        Dancer / Wedding Guest                              Hawaii Film Partners / Rob Hedden
                     MYSTIC RIVER                                                  Grandfather                                                 Warner Bros. / Clint Eastwood
                     THE HUMAN STAIN                                            Funeral Mourner                                          Miramax Films / Robert Benton
                     ME, MYSELF AND IRENE                                  Background                                                20th Century Fox / Farrelly Brothers
                     THE CIDER HOUSE RULES                                Multiple BG Roles                                       Miramax Films / Lasse Hallström
                     MOONLIGHT MILE                                             Funeral Mourner                                          Touchstone Pictures / Brad Silberling
                     THE LOVE LETTER                                            Merchant                                                    Dreamworks / Peter Chan
                     A MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE                                 Principal Stand-In                                        Warner Bros. / Luis Mandolfi
                     A CIVIL ACTION                                                 Background                                                Touchstone Pictures / Steven Zallurian
                     MEET JOE BLACK                                             Dancer / Party Guest                                  Universal Pictures / Martin Brest
                     TRUE LIES                                                        Tango Dancer                                              20th Century Fox / James Cameron
                     SWEET LIBERTY                                               Soldier                                                       De Laurentis Entertainment / Alan Alda

                   HAWAII FIVE-0                                      Tomas Sauer-Nazi War Criminal - Ep 715                     CBS / Bryan Spicer
                   ADAM DEVINE'S HOUSE PARTY           Old Man (credited) Season 3, Ep 2                              Comedy Central 
                   THE LAST RESORT                               Senator                                                                     ABC
                   THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION               British Officer (principal)                                              A&E Channel 
                   THEY MADE AMERICA                          Ship Owner (principal / credited)                                  PBS-The American Experience 
                   SUTLER OF THE 18th CENTURY            Tavern Keeper (principal)                                             Canadian Govt. Public Broadcasting
                   THE CHASE                                          Gambler (featured)                                                      NHK Network (Japan)
                   EMPIRE FALLS                                     Dinner Guest                                                              HBO Films 
                   PROVIDENCE                                       Various Roles - 3 Episodes                                          NBC
                   THE HISTORY OF CHICAGO                  Fire Survivor                                                               PBS-The American Experience
                                MOHEGAN SUN CASINO (CT) 5 separate commercials - dancer / various background
                                FLEET BANK (RI) Investor (principal)

               PRINT MODELING
                              SPRINT/NEXTEL "The CEO" - National Magazine Advertisement
                              BUTLER HOME PRODUCTS "The Butler" - National Magazine Advertisement

                              Colonial Williamsburg (VA) 18th Century First Person Improv - Live Public Interpretation

                              - Scott Rogers, Honolulu, HI: The Academy Of Film And Television
                              - Iris Klein, LA & HI: Meisner Technique Intensive Workshop (including Improv)
                              - Wayne Ward, Honolulu, HI: The Actors Workshop
                              - The Studio at CP Casting, Boston, MA: Scene Study – Film & TV, On-Camera Auditioning
                              - Tracy Rose Dance Studio, Providence, RI: Formal Ballroom dance
                              - Irish / English / New England Accents
                              - Swimming / Snorkeling / Ice Skating / Skeet-Trap Shooting

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